Tales from an underachieving overachiever and the struggle with embracing mediocrity

This is my third attempt to start this blog. I have tried for the last two years, but my distinct lack of direction has completely impeded me… I didn’t know whether to write in my professional capacity as a teacher, striving to provide a better experience to the students in my care, while constantly having fewer resources due to budget constraints. I didn’t know whether to write about my chaotic journey through motherhood, loss of pregnancies, secondary infertility, IVF, parenthood to 4 sons. I could have written about my experiences as the worlds slowest runner or my life as a frustrated event rider. Unfortunately I couldn’t decide, and I couldn’t separate myself from the fact that actually I am all of these. So this will be a blog that will appeal to an incredibly niche market and hopefully this won’t be the only post I write until this time next year….

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